Jun 05/2014
NEW ST5 Protective Soft Chase

Feb 02/2015
NEW Membrane switch is ready
Skill Tester
High Level Diagnostics

Welcome to ST5 Skill Tester

Skill Tester ST5 is rugged and lightweight, weighs less than 6,5kg - Simple to use interface, with easy to read (English – Only) Easy to install software. Ability to interface and diagnose generic, as well as proprietary 3 - 4 digit "P" codes EOBD - ISO cables (with extensions) for interfacing with many different vehicle applications
Assortment of power adapters, allowing for use @ home - @ work or roadside . Enabling retrieval of multiple vehicle parameters before downloading to PC Complete stand alone, with no bulky cabinets to push around
Increases productivity and traffic to your workshop, resulting in higher profits and increased sales. Our ST5 Skill Tester is as easy to use as a Ferrari SD2 & far easier than the SD3 tester, and it operates in much the same way as the Ldas32. The user is able to clear any code within the vehicle, whether it be on the Airbag - Engine Management - A/C - ABS. Regardless of the code, the user can remove it and erase any associated history.

New Products can be seen on Products page. If you need any assistance or parts for your Skill Tester ST5 Product please do not hesitate to contact us.

NEW ST5 Board Switch 1.01v 04012015. Contact us for parts.